Class VJClassifierLevoyCueing


public class VJClassifierLevoyCueing
extends VJClassifierLevoy

This class implements the Levoy tent classification function with depth cueing and indexing. class name VJClassifierLevoyDepthCueing is not supported on Mac VJM.

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Copyright (c) 1999-2002, Michael Abramoff. All rights reserved.

Fields inherited from class VolumeJ.VJClassifierLevoy
fractionMagnitude, lut, maskIndex, maskIntensity, maskMagnitude, maxIntensity, nrIndexBits, nrIntensityBits, nrMagnitudeBits, opacityTable, threshold, width
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description, GRAYSCALE, RGB, secondaryClassifier
Constructor Summary
          Default instantiation.
Method Summary
 VJAlphaColor alphacolor(VJValue v, VJGradient g)
          Classify the (interpolated) voxel value and gradient magnitude into a alpha and rgb-value.
 java.lang.String toLongString()
          This method can be overloaded as necessary
 java.lang.String toString()
          Tell calling program name of this classifier.
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alphacolor, defaultLUT, does, doesCutouts, doesIndex, getThreshold, hasLUT, opacityCompute, setLUT, setThreshold, setupOpacities, setWidth, visible
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getSecondaryClassifier, setSecondaryClassifier, trace
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Constructor Detail


public VJClassifierLevoyCueing()
Default instantiation.
Method Detail


public java.lang.String toString()
Description copied from class: VJClassifierLevoy
Tell calling program name of this classifier.
toString in class VJClassifierLevoy


public java.lang.String toLongString()
Description copied from class: VJClassifier
This method can be overloaded as necessary
toLongString in class VJClassifierLevoy


public VJAlphaColor alphacolor(VJValue v,
                               VJGradient g)
Classify the (interpolated) voxel value and gradient magnitude into a alpha and rgb-value. If the voxel is RGB, use the hue and saturation of the voxel, and set the opacity from the opacity table.
alphacolor in class VJClassifierLevoy
v - the VJValue, the interpolated value at this location.
g - the gradient at this location
a VJAlphaColor with the classified voxel.