Class VJClassifierValue


public class VJClassifierValue
extends VJClassifierLevoy

This class implements a classification function on the voxel value only. Copyright (c) 1999-2002, Michael Abramoff. All rights reserved.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 VJAlphaColor alphacolor(VJValue v, VJGradient g)
          Classify the interpolated voxel value into a VJAlphaColor.
 boolean doesIndex()
          Tells renderer this classifier can process indices in the voxel values.
protected  double opacityCompute(double dfxi, double intensity, double threshold, double width)
          Compute opacity from intensity only.
 java.lang.String toLongString()
          This method can be overloaded as necessary
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Constructor Detail


public VJClassifierValue()
Method Detail


public boolean doesIndex()
Description copied from class: VJClassifierLevoy
Tells renderer this classifier can process indices in the voxel values.
doesIndex in class VJClassifierLevoy


public VJAlphaColor alphacolor(VJValue v,
                               VJGradient g)
Classify the interpolated voxel value into a VJAlphaColor. Only the value is used.
alphacolor in class VJClassifierLevoy
Following copied from class: VolumeJ.VJClassifierLevoy
v - the VJValue, the interpolated value at this location.
g - the gradient at this location


public java.lang.String toLongString()
Description copied from class: VJClassifier
This method can be overloaded as necessary
toLongString in class VJClassifierLevoy


protected double opacityCompute(double dfxi,
                                double intensity,
                                double threshold,
                                double width)
Compute opacity from intensity only.