Class RTAReader


public class RTAReader
extends java.lang.Object

This class implements a Talia Inc Retinal Thickness ( Analyzer thickness map format (.m) file reader. Arrays can be converted to float images, or only a selected array can be converted to one image. (c) 1999-2002 Michael Abramoff. All rights reserved.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
(package private) static void read( r, java.lang.String listSpecific)
          Parser for RTA files.
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Constructor Detail


public RTAReader()
Method Detail


static void read( r,
                 java.lang.String listSpecific)
Parser for RTA files. Makes all lists into ImagePlus (float) images and shows them. Can select a specific named list (set listSpecific). If listName is null, will process whole file and make images out of all lists. Format is somewhat like: % starts a comment line Thickness = [... initiates a thickness array on the next line The thickness array contains a comma separated list of numbers, one line (white newline) for each thickness scanline, with scanlines separated by ";". NaN stands for Not a Number and should be treated as such. The tokenizer: considers ',' as whitespace. numbers and characters separated by whitespace contain tokens.
r - a Reader a stream of characters.
listSpecific - a String that contains the name of the list you want. If null, all lists are processed. If listSpecific contains a String, only the list with that name will be processed.