Package stereodisk

Class Summary
StereoCupRimClassifier Stereo disk photograph cup and rim classifier.
StereoDiskAnalyzer Stereo disk photograph analysis.
StereoDiskANNMaker Stereo disk photograph analysis.
StereoDiskANNTester Stereo disk photograph analysis.
StereoDiskAutomaticAligner Aligns all optic disk stereo pair stacks in a directory automatically using MI registration.
StereoDiskConventions Class with defaults and conventions for stereo disk file size, names, directories, etc.
StereoDiskFeatureConverter Stereo disk feature creation.
StereoDiskGroundTruthAnalyzer Analyzes performance of different observers verus ground truth.
StereoDiskGroundTruthConverter Saves the ground truth classification images as a stack with name -. for each observer.
StereoDiskIxConverter Stereo disk photograph analysis.
StereoDiskPGMConverter Stereo disk converter.
StereoDiskPGMToFeatureConverter Converts a directory of PGM files to a multi image TIFF file with a specific order (depends on directory.list) Copyright (c) 1999-2004, Michael Abramoff.
StereoDiskROC Stereo disk photograph analysis.
StereoDiskSlideCropper Evaluates ground truth from different observers.